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My Best Day on the Job as a Realtor July 21, 2009

Posted by Laura Schwartz in Arlington, First-Time Buyers.

thank youA few weeks ago, I was filling out a questionnaire that asked: “Please describe your best day on the job.” I told a story of a past client – but I think yesterday, by far, has been my best day on the job.

In our crazy market right now, things fall apart, buyers get skiddish and walk, appraisals come in far below what they should, etc. etc…the list goes on and on!! Also, in this technologically advanced world where so much information is available just by Google, sometimes clients can view a Realtor as a door opener and taxi…but sometimes, you have clients who really make you think “This is why I sell real estate.” That was the kind of day I had yesterday.

A house came on the market in Arlington in 22207 (a neighborhood full of McMansions priced well above $1M) just under $600k. A regular sale – no banks involved. Within 48 hours, they had 4 offers…escalation clauses are most certainly back in action in our area! The kicker – we were the lowest of the 4 offers. When we sat down to write the offer, I explained the entire contract to my clients and what makes a “strong offer” in the eyes of the listing agent and seller. After explaining risks and benefits to different contingencies, my buyers took my advice and wrote the strongest offer they could have, while still retaining several “outs,” just in case. (My personal belief, and advice I always give to my clients – unless you’re going to tear it down and don’t care if it may be rotting from the inside – get a home inspection, just in case.)

Their settlement was yesterday….at the attorney’s office, some tears were shed while signing paperwork.It’s a very humbling experience when people are SO GRATEFUL for your help. For someone to say, “I just feel like this was fate. And you were instrumental in making this happen. Thank you.”

Partly because I suggested we look at the house the day it came on the market, partly because of the way we worked together, and partly because some people are just so nice, so grateful, and so appreciative of everything you do for them, that it re-instills in you why you continue to do this. Just in case you ever lose sight of your “Big Why” of this career – think about your Best Day on the Job…what was it?



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